Red Sox to pass Tampa Bay

For the next 3 days, we will watch an interesting series from Tampa, when Rays is try to welcome Boston Red Sox in their own stadium. Ther will be three match in a sequence of three days with only one match separate the standing leader of AL East Tampa Bay Rays and the second place holder Boston Red Sox who did well in wildcard standings. With New York Yankees and Toronto Blue Jays desperately stand behind them, it will be a great match with a high temperature athmosphere.

Only 13 more matches before play-off, Boston surely will try to get back their loss in Fenway last week. With a comfortable 6 match over MInnesota in wild card standings, i think it is very rational to take Boston to play-off. This is become better if they really can pass Rays and become the champion of AL East Standings. Next three match will be very crucial for both of the teams. It’s true that BoSox has a bad record in their away match, but in this atmosphere, it will cost nothing. The main point is how the match is done.

For the first match, Matsuzaka will pitching first. He will faced Kazmir in Rays side. In the next match, The Ace, Josh Beckett will come followed by The Maestro who destroy Toronto 7-0 last week. BoSox will thanks Yankees if they really can pass Rays. New York boy are really fight even they are so far from the play-off grid. It cost the nightmare in Fenway last week cost nothing and the main match will be run. I think the crucial part is the Pitchers. Boston have to do better than the monotonous Papelbon that give Rays succesful winning last week. This is going hotter, let’s see till the end of this month.


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