Big Applause for Sebastian Vettel

Maybe there are a lot of doubtful thinking when this young Germany took the pole in Monza on Saturday. A lot of people laughed at him and say that it is just a coincidence. But when he ‘really’ take the first place in the race, all of those people can only keep their mouth silent. Everyone shouting when the commentator of the tv station said it loudly, “HERE WE COMES THE YOUNGEST WINNER OF FORMULA ONE HISTORY, SEBASTIAN VETTEL”. Yeah, this young guns from maybe the second worst team after Force India is making a history in this fantastic race, last sunday.

This is the first time i see a flying start in formula one. All of the drivers make a start behind the safety car because if the heavy rain. Race Control said at that time that use of extreme weather tyre is compulsary. Bad day for Bourdais that failed to start and have to start from the pitlane when his team mate is already enter the second lap. There is no other significant position changing after that.

A great race for Hamilton although he only started from 15th position, behind Kimi Raikkonen. After overtook his competitor, he extend his gap with him and keep trying to overtaking another driver in front of him. I think he really studied from the Spa-case and do overtaking in the most proper way ever. He overtook around 7-8 drivers and arrived behind Felipe Massa, his real competitor in the driver’s championship this year. Onfortunately, the weather doesn’t support him much and break his benefit from the 1-stop strategy that he applied. Only Kubica, Alonso, and Heidfeld that succesfully applied that strategy.

When the race is going to the finish line, Vettel is still extend his gap with the second place holder, Heikki Kovalainen in Mclaren Mercedes until around 13 seconds. Heikki was a little bit drive carefully and have a comfortable place in front of Kubica. And when the finish line is came, Vettel cross it delightfully until he close his eyes over his helmet. He was followed by Heikki, Kubica, Alonso, Heidfeld, Massa, Hamilton, and Mark Webber, the one who really disappointed while his third position is gone away. While Kimi Raikkonen get zero point again in 9th place, made him really close to the 5th place in driver’s championship, Heidfeld, and Heikki also.

Generally, it is a safe race with only 2 driver out, which is duo Force India, Fisichella after he crash and Sutil after his car machine was broken. There are also some little accident between Nakajima and Barrichello, but it was quite easy to handle and only created some pieces in the middle of track. In the end, i really happy to see lively a record of this youngest Formula One GP Winner ever. I think big teams have to consider the option to hire Vettel, while he will become a really ‘something’ with a better car. Unfortunately Ferrari have did a contract sign with all of their drivers until 2010. I imagine if Mclaren can get Vettel next season, let’s see the battle till the end.


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